Boiler Service & Repair

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Our Service

Service is carried out in accordance SEI guidelines.

A detailed service will include inspection of the pipe work, ventilation, clearances etc. The system is then inspected, cleaned and reassembled. The operation of the boiler functions are then inspected for safe and correct operation. Finally a combustion efficiency test will be carried out to ensure that the appliance is operating at its maximum performance levels.

All boilers are serviced in accordance with SEI guidelines and manufacturer’s instructions. Typically when performing an annual boiler service, we carry out the following checks:

- Visual Inspection
- Boiler/Burner Checks
- Combustion Efficiency Tests

Visual Inspection:

1. Check For Oil Leaks From Oil Tank and above ground piping/fittings

2. Check for significant corrosion on the boiler’s outer sheet metal, its
cast-iron sections, flue, electrical controls, nearby piping and components.
3. Open the boiler top or look through the inspection port to check for cracks in the firebox or on the target wall (the fire clay box or wall that the burner fires into or against) 4 Check the draft regulator for free movement

Boiler/Burner Checks:

1. Check fuel filter

2. Check Operation of oil shut-off Valve

3. Check air inlets to boiler room and burner for blockage/size

4. Check for cracks/damage to burner refractory

5. Clean/adjust spark electrodes

6. Clean Burner Diffuser and air tube

7. Check ignition transformer, HT cable and porcelain for cracking/deterioration

8. Check operation of draught stabiliser

9. Check/clean flame photocell

10. Clean boiler gas side heat transfer surface

11. Check Operation of high limit thermostat

12. Replace Burner Nozzle.

13. Adjust burner pressure and diffuser plate to obtain correct flame shape/length.

14. Check Operation of flame failure device.

In addition to the above checks, we also carry out a combustion efficiency test on the appliance. This will ensure that the boiler is operating at its optimum efficiency.

Combustion Efficiency Tests: 

1. Boiler combustion gas O2
2. Boiler combustion gas C0
3. Boiler Combustion gas Temp
4. Resultant boiler combustion efficiency (gross)
5. Explanation for low efficiency